2 In 1 Wireless Fence 990 Yards 2 In 1 Pet Dog Wireless Fence Training Collar Upgrade Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Pet Fence Anti Runaway Fence


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Product details:

This 2 In 1 Wireless Fence offers a range of features to help with both pet containment and training, using wireless technology, adjustable modes, and rechargeable components. As always, responsible and humane use of such tools is essential for the well-being and safety of your pets.

Fence Function:

The system provides a choice of different ranges (30/60/90/150/300). This allows you to set the distance within which your dog is allowed to roam freely. The system offers various working modes, including sound, vibration, sound and vibration, shock, and sound and shock. These modes provide flexibility in terms of training and containment methods.

Collar Compatibility:

A single transmitter can control multiple collars without the need for matching them. This is convenient for households with multiple dogs. The training collar comes with adjustable levels (1-3) to suit your dog’s sensitivity and training needs.

Transmitter and Collar:

Both the transmitter and the collar are waterproof and rechargeable. This ensures their durability and usability even in wet conditions. The system is described as one of the most reliable and cost-efficient pet containment solutions available. It establishes a “stay zone” for your dog, and the receiver collar picks up the signal. If the dog attempts to leave the designated area, a warning tone is followed by a light static correction, which is designed to be safe and humane.

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