1500ft 2 ln 1 Auto Anti Bark Collar, Remote Dog Training Collar, Dog Stop Shock Collar, Waterproof Rechargeable Pet Training Collar



Product details:

This Auto Anti Bark Collar is the perfect solution for addressing your dog’s barking behavior. And it offers multiple training modes, including gentle beep, shock and vibration. It also has effective Anti-Bark Function. It helps train your dog to understand when barking is unwanted, leading to improved behavior and a quieter environment.

Extended Remote Coverage:

With an impressive coverage range of approximately 1500ft, the remote control offers flexibility in training your dog across various environments. This extended each allows you to train your dog in large open spaces, parks, or even within the confines of your home without any limitations.

IPX6 Water Resistance:

The collar unit is designed to be waterproof, providing protection against light rain or accidental splashes. This feature allows your dog to remain active in outdoor settings. You can confidently engage in outdoor activities with your dog, knowing that the collar can withstand exposure to water

Long Standby Time:

The Dog Training Collar is equipped with a high-efficiency lithium battery, enabling quick charging in just 2 hours. The receiver, once fully charged, can last up to 7 days, while the remote control boasts an impressive standby time of approximately 15 days. With such prolonged battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted training sessions with your dog, eliminating the need for frequent recharging.

Easy Handling and Convenience:

This system is easy to operate and manage. The remote’s controls and clear display allow you to customize settings, enabling effective communication with your dog. The system’s easy handling ensures that training sessions are enjoyable and productive for both pet owners and their beloved dogs.

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As Pictures Show

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