1000M Electric Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Remote Control Up to 3 Dogs E Collar Professional Trainer



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The 1000M Electric Training Collarβ€”an advanced tool designed for both pet owners and professional trainers. With a remarkable range of 1000 meters, IP67 waterproof rating, and the ability to control up to 3 dogs simultaneously, this rechargeable remote training collar empowers you to foster obedience, enhance behavior, and strengthen the bond between you and your furry companions.

  • Precision Training Through Customizable Modes
    Communication is the heart of training. With the 1000M Electric Pet Dog Training Collar, you wield the power to choose from an array of training modes, including sound, vibration, and shock, each with adjustable intensity levels. This comprehensive toolkit ensures that you can tailor your approach to match your pet’s temperament and training goals, all while promoting their well-being.
  • Adaptable Training in All Environments
    From open spaces to confined areas, this training collar’s 1000-meter range provides the flexibility to train your pets under various conditions. Rain or shine, the IP67 waterproof rating guarantees that training won’t be hindered by water-related activities. Take control and guide behavior with ease, no matter where your training sessions take place.
  • Reliability and Comfort for Professional Results
    Crafted for both convenience and performance, the 1000M Electric Pet Dog Training Collar is equipped with a rechargeable battery and designed for long-lasting comfort during extended training sessions. Its capacity to manage up to 3 dogs from a single remote makes it a powerful tool for professional trainers and multi-pet households alike.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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