1000M Dog Training Collar IP67 Waterproof Rechargeable Long Standby Pet Training Sound Vibration Shock Collar Max for 3 Dogs 529



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The 1000M Dog Training Collar. With an impressive 1000-meter range, IP67 waterproof rating, and adaptable modes including sound, vibration, and shock, this collar empowers you to communicate, guide behavior, and foster obedience effectively. Elevate your training game and strengthen your bond with your friends.

  • Command with Confidence through Customizable Modes
    The 1000M Dog Training Collar offers a spectrum of training modes to fit your pet’s temperament and your training goals. Choose from sound, vibration, and shock options to establish clear communication. Effortlessly adjust the intensity levels to match your pet’s responsiveness, ensuring that your commands are understood without compromising their well-being.
  • Versatility through Long Range and Multi-Dog Capability
    With a remarkable range of up to 1000 meters, this training collar is an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor training scenarios. Reinforce commands, correct behaviors, and strengthen obedience even when your pet is at a distance. Plus, the collar is designed to accommodate up to three dogs, making it a versatile solution for multi-pet households.
  • Durability and Comfort in Any Setting
    Life’s adventures won’t hinder your training regimen. The IP67 waterproof rating ensures that this collar can withstand splashes, puddles, and more. Whether your pet loves the water or ventures through various terrains, the collar’s durability guarantees reliable performance. Additionally, the collar’s ergonomic design promotes comfort, enabling extended training sessions.

  • Pet:
    Dog, Cat
    As Pictures Show
    As Pictures Show

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